We have moved! We left Arusha and the Kisongo Clinic. We made a long trek to the Ngorongoro Crater area and set up another clinic. We were told by Dr. Shriner that this clinic would be different. The patients would predominantly be members of the traditional Massai tribal culture. Additionally, they would likely speak Kimassai […]

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Home Visits: Eyes and Heart Opened

Today was my first day doing home visits. The purpose of home visits is to check in with people who are HIV positive and find out how they are doing in terms of their medicines, general health and discussing what barriers might exist for them to receive the full benefit of their medication. We visited […]

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30,000 Feet and 9,842 Miles

  I was amazed by how seamless the airport and TSA experiences were for 60 some people with even more bags! It really couldn’t have been any smoother. Traveling with so many new friends is a great experience. I know that though I am still not able to remember everyone’s names that I will feel […]

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