Mary Mitchell, Page Operator at Huntington Hospital Knits for Africa

Calvin Klein and Gucci may be more famous, but Mary Mitchell, seamstress extraordinaire and long time page operator at Huntington Hospital can lay claim to Northern Tanzania.  When she is not greeting callers on Huntington’s main line or calling code traumas, Mary is busy knitting beautiful caps, baby blankets, scarves and other attire for The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project.  For the last nine years, team members from the project have transported Mary’s colorful creations to Arusha, Tanzania where they are donated to underserved children, adults and expectant mothers.  Mary’s extraordinary talents and amazing generosity have enhanced the lives of so many East Africans.  Indeed, we frequently spot someone sporting a “Mary Mitchell” original while doing our home visits in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Tanzania.   Modest about her incredible donations and amazing talent, Mary can take great comfort in the fact that she has literally warmed the lives of so many in Tanzania.

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